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Welcome to BeeraBeero magazine! With our magazine you will be informed and enlightened about the Ethiopian Diasporas’ lifestyles, their roots, their visions, the way they live, in other words, a beautiful ancient culture brought to life on the pages of our magazine!. BeeraBeero will bring to you the most thorough and contemporary ideas of Ethiopian fashion, health and beauty from renowned experts and corporate executives who are in the community and in the know. We will cover topics such as relationships, modern living, finances, travel, cooking and daily life encounters. Our goal and vision is to motivate the youth today to strive for success and achievement. We will profile success stories, from all walks of life.

  Beera Beero will also be designed to serve as a platform for emerging artists, in music, drama, fashion and the arts where they can showcase their talents and current projects. We will base our content and vision on Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali cultural and traditional lifestyles and history. The result, we hope, is to highlight and galvanize these beautiful cultures in a positive manner to affect a positive change in people’s lives.
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