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Practice makes perfect. Musician Aqtos Girma, also known as tos, portrays his work ethic as just that. Born in East Africa in the height of a civil war and separated from his family a few years after, tos moved to the states at an early age in 1996. He refers to himself as a creative, yet quiet individual and has used writing as a tool to express his thoughts and emotions since moving from east Africa.

​On December 21 of this year, tos and his producer Will Cornell, also known as 1800, will release their new album Incense and Innocence. “This album makes my life a little more transparent to the whole world and the people who know me, have yet to understand me.” Said tos, discussing what the album means to him personally. “This project is the most significant thing going on in my life right now, and I want people to feel inspired by the project.

tos calls the music he creates, a New Wave. A hip/hop and rap influenced genre, that he still manages to make unique and his own. “I wrote it as a documentary of experiences that have happened in the past few years of my life, moving to Eugene, OR for college, seeing how much things change in life whether it be people, feelings or even culture. It’s as if you’re listening to the music but nearly watching visuals. Alot of the feeling and emotions were created because of this city.” tos feels the lyrics on the music can be relatable to anyone who listens with an open-mind.  ​


I&I discusses his intimate and personal story. He speaks on everything from past relationships, the people he’s met, his collage experiences, to his views on religion. “That’s what’s dope to me about it, looking in the rear view mirror at the past four years.”  Expressing his thoughts and feelings through his song writing seems to be therapeutic for this talented artist. The two collaborators spent an incredible amount of time at the studio in between balancing the workload of their senior year of college, to perfect this project.

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