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The goal of Hewan Designs is to create a distinctive and modern Ethiopian clothing line. Hewan Deneke, the designer, has a vision to launch apparel that promotes authentic Ethiopian clothing, which support industrial weaving in Ethiopia.  Deneke studied fashion design, and has spent many years making custom clothing for her close family and friends. She is the core creative designer and collaborates with hand weavers in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian women in the country are known for wearing traditional dresses of great length which extends to the bottom of their feet and thisdesigner has taken a bold step forward in the evolution of Ethiopian fashion. Hewan’s designs are very colorful, classy, unique and modern day wear with a professional twist. These dresses are custom made by hand in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by local weavers known as SHEMANES. Beera Beero magazine is pleased to spotlight this great talent.

Exclusive Photoshoot with Beera Beero Magazine




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