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Starting at the age of 20, All-Ethiopian girl Mearg Tareke, also known as Magi, is staging rapid assault on the fashion industry  and certainly has become one of the top faces to watch in 2013. Since her first professional appearance in 2011, the 5’8”  bronze-skinned beauty has gone on to rock many runway shows such as Baltimore’s fashion week, NYC fashion week, FBLDC, Crystal Couture, and the Asia bridal show. She has also recently made appearances on FOX45, Mix106.5 FM, and WOLB 101 radio. Magi has also been featured in print in publications such as The Baltimore Sun, Natural hair style magazine, Ellements Magazine, and VIGORE, laying claim to being the top up and coming Ethiopian model. Magi also says she appreciates the importance of education, which is why she is going to pharmacy school full time while pursuing her modeling career.

We thank Magi for taking her time for a quick interview; our Beera Beero team expects continued success for her in 2013 and beyond



When did you find out you wanted to do modeling?

 I think in high school is when I really knew I wanted to do modeling.​

 How does your family support your modeling?
My family helps me by giving me emotional support and advice. They also help me with
transportation needs to and from my shoots and shows.

Most interesting shoots that you’ve done:
I enjoyed my shoot for Baltimore sun magazine in Nov 2012

You have such a beautiful skin, any special skin care routine?
Not really but I make sure I wash my face daily and use day and night moisturizer.


How do you stay in shape?
I make sure I eat healthy and do as much yoga as I can.

Who is your favorite designer?  And your favorite place to shop at?​
I would have to say Hayden Williams is my favorite designer and my favorite store to shop at is

Best advice you’ve ever you ever gotten:
“Be yourself”


 What do you do in your free time?
I’m either on the Internet, doing yoga, dancing or at gym

If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?
The same thing I am doing full time now, I am at school to be a doctor in pharmacy.​

Any advice to young girls who want to get into the modeling industry?
My advice is, follow your dreams and never let others change who you are. Also, ask other
aspiring working models about the nature of the business before you decide to do something.​

​​​​How can they distinguish a real agency forma fake one? 
To separate a real agency from fake, I say Google the agency’s name and
investigate and do your research before anything else. Ask around, you might
find someone who knows. Most importantly do not ever pay to get recruited by an agency


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