ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: Natnael Bekele AKA Ethio Boy

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Born Natnael Bekele, promising upcoming rapper, well know by the stage name Ethio Boy was only fifteen when he first got into the rap game and he’s been chasing the same dream ever since. What started off as poetry at grade school talent shows has evolved into rhymes; now some years later, he is quickly retaining a strongly devoted fan base. Ethio Boy defines his music as ET-MERICA, a representation of the American and Ethiopian cultures he has grown to embrace. He is bold, he takes risks and he is unapologetic. Judging from his partially shaved locks, his sense of style both in his cloths and songs, it is apparent Ethio boy does things his way, defiantly so.

Ethio Boy is a true lover of hip hop and it shows in his music. He constantly works to master his craft and build up the hip hop scene among Habeshas, believing it could be much bigger, not only locally, but also on the international scene. Beera Beero wishes him much success and we hope you enjoy this short interview.


Ethio Boy – “If You Were Mine” (Directed by AbhiNav)


What aspect of life inspires your music writing the most? 

The everyday motions, my experiences, my surroundings, my observations all play a huge  role into what I write in my music

Who were your influences growing up?

Besides my parents I’m influenced by Nas, Bob Marley, 2 pac, to name a few artists. My influence isn’t just from artists, My influence stretches to kings as Haile Selaisse, Emperor Tewodros & Revolutionary leaders as Dr.King the ones who weren’t limited in their expression to help their people.

What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career? 

hope to reach audiences worldwide, tour in and out of the U.S. Finish a few albums & spread messages through music that is relate-able to everyday life.


Do you ever get discouraged?

As artists we all have our downs and losses for different reasons. Music industry is a test of resilience and self wit/strength.

What keeps you going?

My belief in my craft keeps me going, optimistic ways, Goals I’ve yet to reach.

Money or Fame, which one would you prefer if you had to choose? Why?

Money & fame usually coincide but if I had to choose one I would choose money. When funds are low any artist will admit it slows an artists process of supporting the craft (studio time, trips, buying beats, shooting videos, etc.) Connects fill the void at times of not having money. No question you can build the foundation with money (P.R. Manager, Dj, Promoters, studio equipment, etc)

Who is your dream collaboration?

I’ve got a lot of em but to keep it brief it would be Damien Marley

Anything you would like your followers to know?

To my followers, keep tabs on my music thru my Facebook music page: & follow me on twitter: @ethio_boy

Daballe Studios Exclusive Interview With “Ethio Boy” (Singer)

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